Sunday, January 23, 2011

"Onward and upward," said the Cork.

Writing ain't easy. Every January starts off the same way--slow, as in molasses.  I spend several days before the end of the year crafting well thought out daily, weekly and monthly goals. Then nada. My synapses do not fire. Ideas dry up. My head is corked.
A lot of it is due to work being mad crazy for the last six weeks of the year. I get out of my writing routine. Get out of my idea casting routine. Lose my will to write. But that's all whiny excuses in the long run.  I need to stick to the axiom of putting the most important things first in my day.  Give my strongest energy to writing in the morning. Yeah.
So I bought this book for writing practice.
Basketball players practice. Saxophone players practice. Why shouldn't I? I don't screen write but the writing exercises are good for developing stories and characters.  "Onward and upward," said the Cork.

PS: Go read Vicki Hendricks new blog on writing.

 The Last Run

Monday, January 3, 2011

Vertigo Crime Gave Me The Good Heebies.

Vertigo Crime from DC gave me the highest entertainment per dollar spent in 2010. Hands down the coolest and creepiest books I read last year.  Writers such as Jason Starr,Ian Rankin, Denise Mina, Peter Milligan and more.  A few of the artists were Chris Samnee,Victor Santos, Antonio Fuso and James Romberger.  I have not heard if they are continuing the line but I’m hoping they keep assaulting my sensibilities with excellent crime fiction authors and stellar noir artists. Crime and comics are my literary Reeses Cup.