Thursday, November 4, 2010

Diving For Every Loose Word.

I was a big kid growing up.  My size and rough nature made me ideal for an offensive lineman on the football team.  Stuck in the trenches. Never to know glory.  I came to play basketball a little later in my athletic career. 
You couldn't hide in basketball.  The spotlight shined on you and all your awkward shuffling and elbowing and missed shots.  I was not good, in fact I was terrible but I loved it.  If anything I was more aggressive on the basketball court than the gridiron. 
Talent schmalent.  Having never gotten to touch a football, my determination to get the basketball was relentless.  Every practice, every game I came home with floor burns from diving for a loose ball.
How much does talent count in writing?  I'm an okay writer. With effort, I can be better.  If I want to be a working writer, I'm going to have to dive for every loose word.  Just so you know I got good enough in basketball to win a lower division in a streetball tournament. Of course, they didn't have referees.

1 comment:

  1. writin' don't have refs either. at least, not ones that matter at all. kudos, keep at it.

    (I was always a defensive player on the court myself. never could shoot worth a damn. guess I'll stick to music these days)