Sunday, November 14, 2010

Paul Pope- A Bizarre Anomaly

Paul Pope is a comic book artist with the combined flavors of European style and manga tradition. His comics are hard-boiled sci-fi crime tales smoothly inked over the page.  The panels are well designed, the characters are fashionable outsiders but throughout this mythic pop imagery, the world is grounded in grit and neon shadows.

 I found Pope through his dystopian future Batman Year 100 graphic novel.  In the back of the book are early design sketches for his Batman.  Pope focused on the boots Batman would wear-military combat boots with steel toes used for jumping out of airplanes.  A pet peeve of Pope is the way footwear and clothing is handled by artists. He wants to see the seams, the wrinkles, the sweat and dirt. And he treats Batman the same way. He sweats, he bleeds and he eats.  Doesn't sound exciting?  Well, read it and see.

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