Sunday, November 28, 2010


One hectic day at work, my boss said to me. "Don't build me the watch, just tell me the time." And he was right. He didn't need all the facts and steps that lead to my problem, he just needed the problem.  I try to apply this approach to my writing. It's my version of "Show, Don't Tell".  Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I leave too much off the page that it isn't clear to my reader what the hell I'm talking about. 

I remember reading some epic space opera when I was too young to attempt such a thunderous tome. Did I grasp everything they were talking about? No, I did not. But I knew that when the characters bought a drink with a 'cruple' that was a unit of money to them.  I didn't need a footnote or back info on the creation of the monetary system for this universe. You bought things with a 'cruple'.

'nuff said.  I'm putting together a Top Ten Books I Read In 2010 list. Not necessarily all published in 2010, just the ones I read.  I might try other Top Ten categories such as music and comics. Only saw enough movies for a Top Five list and don't get me talking about television because I can only think of 3 to 4 shows worth mentioning.

I'm reading Lori Armstrong's new book "No Mercy" right now. I met the author briefly at the KY Bookfair( and yes we read books in Kentucky). She told me she writes "a tough as nails character".  Mercy Gunderson does indeed seem tough as a keg of nails. Check out her book.
<strong>No Mercy</strong> by Lori Armstrong

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  1. I love that watch/time quote! I need to remember that. But as far as writing goes, it's the opposite - build me the watch, don't tell me the time. Or, that's how I see it anyway...